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March 2, 2017

Why Our Lower Grades Switched to a Flexible Seating Classroom (Video)

Yanina Jimenez

Why Our Lower Grades Switched to a Flexible Seating Classroom (Video)

Yanina Jimenez

Much about schooling has changed since the 1800s. The curricula, seating configurations, and discipline methods have changed; and so have books, tech­nology, and many other resources. Unfortunately, one thing has not changed: the amount of time young students are required to sit in the same chair.

Just imagine, during the school year, being seated for about seven hours on a hard chair every single day. Imagine being 7 years old and being told to remain seated and still while doing your work! While for generations students have been expected to do this, current research in the areas of movement and learning shows that children need and deserve flexible and alternative seating in an environment where they spend almost the whole day five days a week.

Change the Way Children Learn at School

Recent reports on the dangers of sitting for long periods of time combined with readings from Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students about the need to preserve mental strength and exercise all organs while studying led me to consider how I might integrate flexible seating options for my students. I truly believe that in educating young people, teachers need to combine physical and mental activity. So I decided to join the many teachers globally who are changing the way children learn at school.

The lower grade flexible seating classroom

As a teacher, I believe that providing flexible, soft seating alternatives for children will enable them to move, release their energy, and feel happier and more comfortable while doing their work. Now, just imagine that students come to school knowing that they will be learning in a movement-friendly environment. They need and deserve to feel at home. After all, school IS their second home!

For more about flexible seating in my classroom, read more in my article featured by The Journal of Adventist Education.


Flexible Seating Class
The lower grade students working in a flexible seating classroom

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